Take that Kid Fishing

The end of December blurs in with the beginning of January. Christmas turns to New Years and next thing you know another year has passed, what memories did you make? Did you make some resolutions? Do you plan on getting a better job, losing some weight, running a race? I’ve got a better idea. One you’ll enjoy a lot more than eating rice cakes and waiting for the pounds to melt off, take a kid fishing.

sophie 2
My last fishing partner under my roof. We’ve accumulated a lot of comfort items over the years.


Now before you throw a kid in the truck and head out there  are some things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure it’s your kid, or at least a kid you have permission to bring onto frozen water in the dead of winter.
  2. Pick a place where you are going to catch fish. You’ve got about 30 minutes before the young adventurer loses all faith in you. If all else falls wait until they’re not looking and throw a snowball at the trap to set off  the flag. That will buy you another 10 minutes.
  3. Have the ability to warm the child. If all goes well they’ll be having the time of their life. If you remember what it’s like to be a kid you were impervious to the cold, until you realized you were cold, then you were really cold. We’ve done every thing from fire in barrels to warming tents. As long as you clean up your mess nobody is going to bother you for having a fire. Several of Maine’s Wardens have warmed themselves at our on ice fires.

    a little fire is good for the soul, and adds to the adventure.

4. Coupled with number three, pick a good weather day. Light wind temps in the 20’s or above are just about right.  A nice day allows ice skating, hockey, and general on ice fun.

sophie 3
When is the last time you put in skates?

5. Let the kid fish. When you get a flag let them beat you to it. They probably will any way, especially if your resolution was to lose weight.  Let them set the hook, and let them land the fish. Make it a big deal no matter how big the fish is. Fun fact, kids always seem to catch big fish. Take a bunch of pictures and send it back down the hole, or take it home. If you chose to take it home kill it with a crack on the head when the kid isn’t looking.

6. My last tip is leave the electronics at home. Bring a deck of cards, a few books, and a camera.  I’ve got tons of memories fishing as a kid, and fishing with my kids. All of them involve some adventure, or misadventure. none of them involve electronics. Leave those at home, now there’s a resolution for you.

sophie 4
Take plenty of pictures they’ll bring back a lot more memories than pictures of kids playing video games.  Nobody takes those anyway.

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