Game Recovery

I’m a member of United Blood Trackers ( and licensed by the state of Maine to track wounded game with a leashed dog. 

My Beagle Winnie and I will be recovering wounded game this fall. This is our first year and we will work for donations only. If you hit an animal and can’t find it in the Bangor Region, or somewhere around Route 9 give us a call on my cell at (910)467-1529.

A couple things to do before you call us.

  1. Flag the impact site.
  2. Do not walk down the middle of the blood trail, walk to the side.
  3. Flag the spot of last blood.
  4. Don’t wait to call. If it was a “great shot” the animal would be found. On weekends blood trackers can be very busy.
  5. Don’t grid search, or bring in a bunch of help. The more contaminant, the harder it will be for the dog.
  6. Trust the dog.