Open Your Awareness

I just finished setting up my 17 bait sites for this years bear season. No big deal, just hard work. I started on Saturday at about 5AM and finished around 8PM, a long satisfying day. My day ended with me tired, dirty, and covered with what seemed like 1000 deer fly bites. I sat on my tailgate in the dark. I was miles from the nearest asphalt road. I was enjoying what seemed like the coldest water I had tasted in a long time. You know what I’m talking about? The kind of cold water that is so cold it hurts your teeth, but so good on a hot day of physical labor you can’t stop drinking it. I breathed in the warm summer air that always carries the hint of pine you never seem to notice. I watched the fireflies come out and brighten the dark tote road I was about to drive down. I heard the signature song of the owl as he began for his evening hunt. I was alive.

That is why it’s imperative that we all take to the woods. We’re over stimulated to the point that we can’t enjoy the pine in the air, the cold in the water, the shine in the firefly, and the mourn in the owls song. We must remove ourselves from the over stimulation of our lives to realize that the simple things are best. I encourage everyone to try it. Just watch out for the deer flies.

Don’t know where to start, hire a guide. Maine’s Registered Maine Guides are the gold standard, we will make your adventure safe and enjoyable.

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