2019 Fully Guided Moose Hunt

The individual hunter is responsible for all licenses and permits.

Zones 18 and 19

Season 1 – September 23-28, Not available

Season 2 – October 14-19, Not available

These are 1 on 1 hunts. One guide for one moose permit. Zone 18, 19.

7 night, 6 day fully guided hunt includes lodging and meals – $2,200.00

Rate Includes: 3 meals a day for permittee and sub-permittee. Lodging at a rustic, comfortable cabin. As your guide I will conduct pre-hunt scouting, provide transportation to and from hunting area. Conduct field dressing, moose recovery and removal from the field. Transportation to the tagging station/butcher that the guide prefers is available.

A 25% non refundable deposit is required to book and hold a hunt.

The cabin can accommodate two additional guests for $250 per guest.

Guide tip not included.

Bear Three options this year

$700.00 Three day all inclusive hunt from a rustic remote cabin on Upper Lead Mountain Pond.

$550.00 Three day cabin and hunt only, (you take care of your own meals).

Sept 12-14 hunt. Arrive the 11th depart 15th. BOOKED

Sept 18–21 Arrive on the 17th depart on the 22nd. BOOKED.

Stay on the water in a comfortable cabin equipped with solar and generator power, hot and cold water, and a composting toilet. Enjoy swimming, lounging, and relaxing until it’s time to hunt. If you want to go for a canoe ride, or go fishing you’re more than welcome to use my gear.

Orono $150 a day, two day minimum Guide service only. I have two archery sites (BOOKED)

Two firearms sites in the Orono area. BOOKED

Service Provided on the Orono Bear Hunt

Transportation to stand or blind

Two-way communication with your guide at all times via cell phone and/or peer to peer handheld radios.

Game recovery, field dressing, and removal from the woods.

Snacks, cold water, soft drinks, or hot coffee at the end of the hunt.
Guide tips are not included.

Gratuity not included.



2019 Expanded Archery Hunts in the Bangor Zone. $125.00 a day with a $50 deposit. The rate includes, pre-hunting scouting, transportation to and from the stand, field dressing, game recovery, and transportation to the tagging station/butcher shop the guide uses.

There is a $50.00 deposit to reserve this hunt.

All inclusive Deer Black Powder- Track deer on snow in the vast timber company land east of Bangor. $500 for three days. One on one with me as your guide.

Guide tip not included.

Custom packages available.