So Who Do You Pro Staff For?

Just a quick rant. Not too long ago I was in the local big box sporting goods store buying a muzzleloader.  Yes, I needed to buy a muzzleloader because the deer have a vote. The deer where I hunt have elected to not get shot with a modern rifle. I needed to extend my season to see if the smoke pole was their preferred method of  death, but I digress.

As I’m going through the purchase I ask if there is a discount for Registered Maine Guides. The young man selling me the single shot smoke wagon quickly answers no, but then issues a follow up, “you’re a guide, who do you pro-staff for?” Huh, pro-staff? Bro, I buy my hunting clothes at Goodwill.

me bow
Wool coat courtesy Goodwill $15



We went on to discuss the young man’s belief that you can get more clients by being a pro-staffer. Also, all that free stuff they send you when you’re on, “the staff.”  So I listened for a minute and then I said, “I have nothing against guys and gals that claim to be on the pro-staff for brand X or Y. I’m sure they’re  delightful brands. However, I’m going to use what I want and not pigeon hole myself to a certain brand for some free stuff.” He was cool with it. I asked for a military discount, he said no. As I left I said, you know how you get more clients? by putting them in a position to kill their desired game. You don’t need a staff to do that, and the guide is the pro.

People book and return book because you put them on the meat. Not because you wear Brand X scent free carbon fiber underwear



In short don’t get fooled by all the crap out there. You need a gun, some bullets, some woodscraft, and some will. Everything else is just noise.

One week of blackpowder left and then time to get ready for next year. Some exciting things happening at Jim Neville Outdoors. Stay tuned in January for some big news.

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