Don’t Wait

I’ve recently  heard about people very close to my age who  for one reason or another,  died. Yup, one minute they’re there, and the next they’re gone. No warning, no long drawn out illness, no last words, just dead and gone.

Don’t wait to enjoy a day like this. We have no idea when our trip around the sun will come to an end.

That got me thinking about all the things those folks wanted to do but put off. What a shame that they never got to do whatever it was they were hoping to do, something they really enjoyed.I guess we all have a certain amount of sand in our egg timer, we just don’t know how much we have. I’ve decided to not wait to do the things I enjoy. That’s partially why I guide, why I try to live a life outdoors, and also why I write. I enjoy those things. I don’t want to feel the grim reaper tap on my shoulder and think, “crap! Give me a few months, I really want to….”

Don’t wait to go cast a line, at some point you’ll regret it.



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